Companies whose fleet is composed predominantly of machinery face specific challenges of this industry on daily basis. Efficient fleet monitoring and management is mandatory when it comes to productivity and costs.

Whether it is about machinery intended for public services or in the field of agriculture and buildings, they require special maintenance requirements.

Being aware of the requirements and issues the fleet manager usually deals with, TrackGPS has developed complex and accurate technological solutions.

Using TrackGPS features, you now have real-time access to data on the machinery’s location, the routes they have travelled, the duration of their stops and permanent records of fuel consumption. All these contribute to lower costs, efficient resource management and improved business productivity.


  • Basic Tracking

    Basic TrackGPS solution has been designed to cover your fleet’s essential GPS tracking needs.

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  • Driver Behaviour

    Driver behaviour real time monitoring.

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  • CAN Reading

    Board computer data real time tracking.

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  • Fuel Consumption Monitoring

    Permanent record of fuel consumption level.

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