Fuel Consumption Monitoring 

Fuel consumption is one of the major indicators tracked by a fleet manager, as it represents more than 50% of the total costs. Most frequently, these costs are generated by unjustified fuel draining, more mileage than planned, idling times and even fuel theft.

TrackGPS offers you the solution for real-time tracking of your fleets’ fuel consumption.

Using one or more fuel sensors installed in the fuel tank, you can now monitor the variation of fuel levels. Should the vehicle have more than one fuel tank, such probe shall be installed in each of them. Using the GPS, the probes communicate the level of the fuel in the tank and thus shall calculate and display the fuel consumption and its current level.

Based on complex reports on fuel consumption, refuelling or real-time fuel tank changes, the fleet manager can easily identify the issues that cause excessive fuel consumption, and thus reduce these costs.

Up to 25% less fuel consumption

Prevention and detection of fuel draining and fuel theft

Permanent records of the fuel level

Spotting the causes that lead to excessive fuel consumption

Real time refuelling tracking

Up to 20% lower fleet maintenance costs

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Fuel Consumption solution is designed particularly for transport vehicles (trucks, buses) machinery.