With the new TrackGPS mobile app you have access to update real time data, anywhere, anytime!

The new app offers you fast loading speed, data generated in a few seconds and the best experience for user, so far! You can access the most important reports directly from your smartphone.

With a remarkable design, the application offers you the most important data in a dashboard where you can easily navigate: you can access the location and status of each vehicle, generate the reports you need, find the distance travelled, driving speed of vehicles and fuel consumption.

*All users of TrackGPS web platform have also access, based on the subscription, to the mobile application, developed for phones and tablets with Android or iOS operating system.

As a user, you have access to all data from your own devices. This allow you to track vehicles by locating them on the Open Street Map or on the Google Maps.

Basic features include:


  • View the location of each vehicle on the map
  • View the distance travelled and the related route
  • Notifications regarding generated reports


  • Average speed and maximum speed
  • Drivers assigned to vehicles
  • Calculation of fuel consumption

Extra features (payable) are:


Selecting this function, a pop-up key is displayed giving the user the possibility to introduce the e-mail address/phone number, select the alarms’ frequency and the period of time they are to be active.


This feature notifies the user when the vehicle has left the area where it has previously stopped. The alarm is triggered when the vehicle is 50 m away and stops for 1 minute, but these settings can be changed according to your needs.


Filling in the e-mail address and the period of time, the user receives a link with the vehicle’s location.


This feature shows the route, distance and journey time between the user and the vehicle. The user has the option to choose the type of route, whether "walking" or "driving".

Download TrackGPS App directly from Google Play or App Store.