We have launched the new TrackGPS mobile app for Android and iOS, created in present for the future!

For those who have always seen things differently, we have built an improved application, more complex, but easier to use, based on principles such as: high loading speed, ease of navigation, a new intuitive interface and reports generated in seconds, all focused on a much improved user experience.

The exceptional new design, created especially for you, helps you streamline your entire interaction with the software. You can access important data directly from your smartphone in a complex dashboard that gives you an overview of vehicles, statistics and notifications.

The new TrackGPS mobile app offers you an amazing experience and the fastest way to check the location and the distance travelled of vehicles. By analysing the top speeds generated for a selected period you can identify sudden speed fluctuations and then increase driver safety and reduce fuel costs or help reduce the level of wear of the car.

Compared displayed fuel consumption for distinct time intervals per vehicle helps you to monitor unjustified losses and remedy this aspect. Using the application, you benefit from new functionalities that help you to efficiently manage the car fleet, analysing the most relevant data.

Each indicator displayed in the new mobile application is correlated with the activity of the entire fleet, and a fleet manager can quickly identify the source of certain irregularities that occur and how they can be solved.

Are you ready for a new TrackGPS Mobile experience?

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play!

*All users of the TrackGPS web platform have access, based on a subscription, to the mobile application.

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